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Comparison between WooCommerce and Shopify Platform for Drop-Shipping

It’s an e-commerce age and everyone wants to make their own online auction to earn money online. Today running an online business becomes much cheaper and easier for you.

Many online auctions are offering drop-shipping option for your business. But here the two best e-commerce platforms today, which are high in ranking that can give you a full fledges online platform for Drop-Shipping that gives very continent services to you.


Shopify is a web-based platform ofe-commerce store for the businessmen.This makes easier for you to run your online business without having a sound knowledge about website it gives you a platform to manage your inventory and products with the drop shipping apps.


WooCommerce is a Word Pressplug-in that gives you a platform to turn your website into a featured online storethat gives a means to its users to access easily to payment, shipping, inventory etc.

Comparison between the Most Popular E-Commerce Stores Now

Both these platforms have a large number of users, and have an intuitive user interface for creating simple tasks like listing the products, filling orders, checking orders, etc. 

Payment Methods

Shopify has more than seventy percent international payment methods.WooCommerce has limited payment option, including PayPal, BACS and cash on delivery.


WooCommerce generate about 97 percent revenue, whereas, Shopify generate 99 percent revenue.

Customer Support

Shopify provides apps for customer support like Modalyst. Support through e-mail, live chats, and answer within a few seconds to your complaints or orders.

New Users

Shopify is easy to use for a new user has different users from almost all industries. All features of an advance website for users.WooCommercehas different users from small and medium industries.

Software Installation

Setting up a store in WooCommerce is very easy by installing and plug-in option, you may customize the setting if you are familiar with Word press.

Shopify needs no any software installation. It’s not a free plan like a WooCommerce, but a convenient option for you. You can use your own domain names. 

Theme Options

WooCommercehas automatic underscore themes option for users. Word Press handles blogging with different categories.

In Shopify the theme selection is very rich are offers Evato market with a variety of features. Has an impressive selection of Shopify themes, both free and paid theme options.

Performance rate

According to performance and quality the customer’s response rate of Shopify 9.7 percent is higher than WooCommerce 9.3 percent.

Web Hosting

WooCommerce is free you have to purchase your domain name, than set up a hosting plan and improve your storage choices. Shopify needs no web host it is a self- hosted solution.


WooCommerce may charge costsof some extraplug-infor a premium option, ithas both high and cheapercost options. Shopify has their own website hosting plans at a cheaper rate.

SEO capabilities

Word press is well known for SEO capabilities for higher ranking chances.Shopify has a built in SEO.

Add-on features

WooCommerce has add-on offers a variety of features that allow users interesting choices by selling on Facebook or recording sales automatically and much more options.

Shopify has a variety of free add- on features like Facebook selling, cross selling, recovery system, tracking deliveries and discount codes etc.

Some Pros and Cons
  • Shopifyprovides shipping options to users. It allows the users an option to customize their online store without any hassles.
  • More than 100templates.
  • Shopify allows you to run your website URL.
  • Gives Blogging options with a responsive option for customer comments.
  • In Shopify,you can choose a variety of niches for multipurpose theme.
  • WooCommerce includes a variety of features with unlimited products range, shipping methods.
  • Can transform any word press site into a full features website for you.
  • It can work with any Word Press theme and has a 37 percent market share of all e-commerce website.
  • Has an inventory management and report system. Effective marketing plans, tax, coupons options, and email and ticketing support to its users etc.
  • Shopify has no new product variations option, unlike WooCommerce.
  • For an SLL certificate to secure your website you have to purchase it separately in WooCommerce.
  • Shopify allows only three default product attributes while WooCommerce provide an unlimited range of products.
  • WooCommerce is logical for those who have no knowledge about Word Press. And you have to install, setup separately.

The main difference is between the setups, WooCommerce is a plug-in WordPress that needs a word press website. However the overall performance of Shopify is better thanWooCommerce.

WooCommerce has customer reviews and rating and requires no extra cost for functionality. Its most logical choice to set up a Word Press platform. Provide a fully secure testing environment to ensure everything is accurate before accepting payment programs.

Shopify offers a free trial of 14 days for its user before deciding for a right choice, it has three different cost categories from high to low. Shopify is a beginner friendly design with advance features to run store quickly.You can start adding products directly with Shopify with just sign up. Have better SEO capabilities and a free SLL certificate for your website security.

If you don’t have a website then go for Shopify otherwise go for WooCommerce. You can make a better choice according to your budget and preferences.