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How to Protect Website Content


Why Content Protection is Important

Content is your intellectual property and one of your most valuable assets.  An original article takes a lot of time and effort to create, so it’s better to protect it from plagiarism or illegal use.

Presently, the internet has become a common place and there is hardly a site or blog that hasn’t been vulnerable to content plagiarism. It is an unethical practice that has affected many web owners and media publishing businesses by using or stealing their ideas and article.

Why you need to Protect the Content

Firstly, if you are new to the SEO or digital world, then you might be wondering why it is important to protect your valuable content ? Don’t worry; we are here to answer your query!

A good content reflects well on your image. It is the first thing that your visitors or customers read when they land on your website. If you fail to provide unique content or if they found that your content has already been used by others, you will possibly lose them. 

Secondly, in order to rank your business or blog well in Google you need an original and unique content. Plagiarized idea or copy pasted articles will add no value for all the effort, money and time invested in creating it.

That is why web crawlers or marketers are always focused in publishing unique content and protecting it in order to rank their business well in the Search Engine Rankings

Content plagiarism is a nightmare. It can lead to shift in web traffic from one website to another. No matter how much you hate it, it will definitely affect your Google rankings, decrease your visitors and remove you from the competition.

So it is essential to add barriers and protect your intellectual property from content scrapers as much as you can.

How to Protect Content from Online Thieves

Well, the digital world is full of unexpected situations. Anything can harm your business or tarnish your reputation.

So, if you have to survive, you need to take the necessary precautions. Obviously you will not let anyone steal your website content.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you to protect your most precious asset  website or blog and its content.

DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act

If you are really concerned in preserving your content, DMCA is the best option also known as Digital Millennium Copyright Act is the United States copyright law that allows website or blog owners to integrate page protection in order to protect content and avoid online plagiarisms.

They offer water marks and certified badges that ensures content safety. DMCA Protection Pro plan which costs only $10 monthly, provides the most comprehensive protection against content plagiarism. 

This will definitely be a very high deterrent for online thieves to stay off your website or blog. Signing up is easy, please follow the steps provided below :

  • You have to provide the name, content details and material that you created
  • Add the design and reference in your CSS style sheet
  • Create an account and get the protection badge
  • It is simple, easy, safe, and free and saves you a lot of money.

On becoming a member you will get the regular updates related to the latest protection methods introduced by DMCA

  • DMCA service facilitates their registered members by providing the following benefits:
  • It’s trackdown service enable you to remove anyone who is copying your material, blog, audio, video, photos and any other content from your website.
  • Protected page tracking through the DMCA.com secure portal
  • It allows its members to select the badge from a huge created selection
  • Apart from content, you can also add protection to your images, logos or graphics by providing water mark service.

DMCA is the best choice of marketers or blog owners when it comes to protecting your content. This service provides all the tools you need to protect your website. In the event you found that your content has been plagiarized, DMCA Protection Pro will get your content back from the online criminals.


Copyscape is a recommended service for those who deal with a lot of content. Although it’s service is not free, you will get an amazing content checker service if you invest in it. Copyscape alerts you in many ways.

If you enter your website URL into their search caption, Copyscape will search the web and notify you which sites are using your website or blog content.

They also offers free banners that you can place on each of your web pages to warn online thieves against stealing your content.

Another premium feature of Copyscape is Copysentry. This feature automatically monitors the web for duplicate content of your website or blog and informs you via email, as soon as they appear on the internet.

  • Tracks down the stolen content which is copied without permission from one site to another.
  • Manage content with ease, ensuring that it is protected and safe.
  • Guaranteed protection of your valuable content.
  • It helps you find the stolen content if they have been modified from original.
  • All you have to do is sign up. Select the most appropriate feature, according to your need. Make the payment and receive protection for your content.

We know that you have worked hard for your content to earn a honest living and it’s really frustrating to find out that someone is copying your content and getting paid for it.

Fortunately, do remember that there are services available in protecting your precious, unique content and allow you to have a peace of mind.