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What is PLR Marketing and its Benefit


PLR Articles Marketing Technique

Are you looking for “high-quality” content for your customers benefit at the most affordable rate possible? You can buy PLR articles (Private Label Right’s articles) for lower prices than you’ll find with any other content generation method.

The trustable content provided by a “PLR company is excellent” for an eBook giveaway in newsletter or in email which it can help to drive traffic or generate leads for your blog.

So, what exactly is PLR marketing

PLR marketing is a way to acquire inexpensive content to “send to your customers” without the lengthy process of writing it yourself or paying someone to write it for you.

Generic content is generated and sold to multiple different clients who then re-brand it with their name, logo, and other company-specific information. Those clients then send it out to their customers using email.

Advantages and Disadvantages PLR Articles

Advantages to this approach include:

#Lower cost

#Faster turnaround

#Building credibility as an expert

The primary disadvantage, “content is sold to multiple customers”. The less you modify it, the closer your marketing materials will look to the other materials also based on the same PLR marketing materials.

Recommended Usage


One of the excellent ways to get a quality eBook on the market for leads generation is to use Private Label Right’s articles.

Create an eBook giveaway and provide copies for “free” for easy creation of a bulk mailing list.

There’s no better way to provide trustable content affordably for marketing purposes than any other platform. eBook giveaways are no exception.

Email Marketing

Sending marketing emails to customers is pretty standard practice, so there are a lot of Private Label Right’s articles options available for this purpose.

A little branding is a lot easier to manage than taking the time to create the content from scratch or paying someone else to build it from scratch for you. Email marketing is great for driving traffic to your website.


Another excellent lead gathering tool for the easy creation of a “bulk mailing list”.

Whether it’s monthly or quarterly, newsletters are a lot of work. By using this articles it lets someone else do the heavy lifting on your behalf for much cheaper than someone could perform the work from scratch to your specifications.

Top Companies Who Sell PLR Marketing Materials

In Digital Works


#Membership includes access to 8,330 products which you can modify to your liking and re-sell keeping 100% of the resulting “profits”.

#Available content includes eBooks, articles, videos and much more.

All Private Label Content


#Memberships are separated out by topic and include articles, slideshows, images, and other trustable content.

All Private Label Content also “offers free” PLR articles and blog posts by the series if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and affordable way to start your website.



#Their membership includes access to 8,280 PLR products which you also can modify and resell again in future.

#Format available is eBooks, video and also articles.

#they also provide latest “free bundle”, a series of networking articles.

Where Do I Start

If you don’t already have a bulk email list, you’ll want to start one.

For people to willingly give their email to you, provide them with something they want badly enough to “sign up”.

Free eBooks are a great way to get the attention of potential “new subscribers”.

You can send the eBook to them in PDF format easily to the email address they provide.

This process also ensures the email address they give is “valid”.

Free newsletter subscriptions are another way to hook potential readers to your mailing list.

Monthly or quarterly tend to be the most common delivery frequency.

It might sound overwhelming at first but providing a monthly newsletter is a lot more practical with PLR marketing content.

Remember, someone else is doing the vast majority of the legwork for you.

You’ll just need to re-brand the product and make whatever modifications you desire.

I Already Have a Bulk Mailing List

Great! As you already know, getting the bulk mailing list is the most difficult part. Now you need to use it to its “full potential”.

The best way to do that is to use PLR marketing emails to remind your customers “regularly” you exist and encourage them to take a look at whatever new you’re offering that week or month.

The type of things you call the subscriber’s attention to will depend heavily on what kind of website you’re running. Retail sites will drive toward sales and Blogger might use affiliate link for more sales and commissions.

Online sites that provide services will lean more towards notifying subscribers of “new services” or “lower available rates”.

How Much Modification is needed for PLR Articles

You can modify as “little” or as “much” as you want. The amount of adjustment varies widely between just re-branding and using the PLR article only as a source.

  • It’s possible, and even likely, your competitors will also use PLR marketing content.
  • The more you modify the PLR, the “greater distinction” you’ll get from your competition.
  • It’s also good to keep in mind that if you had the time, money, and expertise to write the document from scratch, you would’ve done that already.
  • Using PLR as a source is most likely to happen in organizations with sufficient money and manpower.
  • Simple re-branding is more the speed of your one to two person companies and privately owned websites.
  • You probably fall somewhere in between. I would just try out some things and see what works best.
  • One important note.Look around and see if there’s a better PLR marketing product available if you find yourself significantly re-working the PLR content.

Multiple different versions of documents are available for the same applications. You’re not limited to the first PLR article you stumble across that appears to meet your needs.


PLR marketing content is the great way to get the word out about your site, products, services, and more as affordably as possible.

It’s already written when you order and whatever “modifications” you make will be minimal if you select the right PLR article.

You won’t find an easier way to get information out to your customers or to gather leads.