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Impact of Logo and Branding for a Blog


Logo as Branding

One of the most important element of any business is the logo and it’s usage for “branding” your website and blog.

Unique and appealing logos are what engages most visitors to visit your website and buy services from you, as the logo gives the company an image and powerful look.

Many studies have shown that an appealing logo will entice a lot more potential customers to view your website and give it a better image in people’s minds and people will remember it as “identity”.

This is why logos are redesigned so often, as logos that are more appealing or catchy to end users, tend to drive a lot more customers to your business or company.

There are many affordable and excellent quality logo designer companies out there, some that let you create your own custom DIY logo on their website while others offer to design your entire logo from scratch.

Both options have their advantages, while online DIY logo designing services will allow you to create your “own logo by yourself”, there are many websites offering professional logo design services.

Availing the professional design service can reduce the time required to design a unique and appealing logo.


This online logo designer is completely free to design your logo, only “charging” you to download the logo once you’ve designed it!

  • It lets you “drag and drop elements” in order to create your own custom logo online for free and only requires you to pay for it if you are satisfied with it in the end and would like to download it.
  • The site doesn’t limit you at all with the free logo designer and gives you all of the tools you need in order to fully design your logo without any limitations, which is pretty nice.
  • They has a large selection of available logo templates to choose from and fully customize to your liking. Logos from this website starts from $37, which is very cheap and affordable!
  • Designmantic also offers a very unique custom logo designing service, in which thousands of logo designers compete to create a logo for your business, and then are sampled to you allowing you to choose the logo you like best, and have that logo customized to your liking, starting from $200.

LogoBee’s premium logo designing services offer you a custom logo built from scratch within “5 business days” according to your requirement with unlimited revisions starting at just $250.

  • Logobee has been around since 2001, professionally designing logos with in house designers for over 16 years, making the site reputable and trustworthy.
  • They have testimonials from over 350 companies on their website, showcasing the logo that Logobee designed. For a logo built completely from scratch by a professional logo designer with unlimited revisions, you certainly get your money’s worth.
  • They even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every logo they design, giving you a “full refund” or new logo if you are dissatisfied with the logo you received.

LogoGarden offers a fully customizable, very easy and free to use DIY online logo designer, with a large library of symbols and images to use built right into the workspace to easily insert into your logo design and customize according to your specification.

    • LogoGarden allows you to download low resolution version of your “logo for free”, no strings attached with quality logo.

Save your logo. Edit at any time. Choose from Hi-Res or Vector Graphics to download! Shop Now! For a limited time only at www.logogarden.com !

  • They also allow you to buy the full, high-resolution edition of your logo for just $12.50. This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen for an online logo designer.

This is an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget wanting to design their own logo themselves with an easy to use online interface!


LogoNerds offers professional custom logo designing services on a budget, starting at just $27. For this price you not only get a custom designed logo for your business within “3-5 business days” but also get free revisions!

  • LogoNerds also offers satisfaction guarantee with every logo designed by them.
  • If you are not happy with the logo they designed for any reason, they will “redraw you a brand new logo” from scratch completely free of charge!

For the price, it is very hard to beat for a service that will design your logo from scratch for you with unique and definitely worth checking out if you are on a budget and want a logo professionally designed from scratch with no risk!

The logo company

The Logo Company offers professional custom logo designing services. Logos from The Logo Company start at $200.

For $200 you get an initial logo designed in 3 business days and includes “5 different initial logo ideas”, with unlimited revisions on the logo you choose, as well as full copyright ownership of the logo, editable vector file for modifying your logo yourself in the future if you ever choose to do so.

  • The Logo Company has over 900 five star reviews and was rated the number 1 logo designing company by both “Wired” and “WSJ”.
  • You also get access in chatting directly with your project manager. This is helpful as you can chat with the person who’s designing your logo yourself to ensure that your logo is designed the way you like it.

All of this is also backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy in the end with the logo that you received.


Logoinn offers custom logo design services by a professional branding company.

Best SEO Services for $299/Month - Logoinn

  • The custom designed logos start at just $45, giving you 2 logo concepts, delivers in 2 business days, 1 free revision and backed by a 100% money back guarantee, in which if you are dissatisfied with your logo, you will get another redrawn from scratch for free or a full refund.
  • They have over 15 years of experience and their previously designed logos look very nice and appealing.
  • Their overall review rating average is an impressive 4.8/5 stars and 80% of their customers come back again for repeat services!
  • get the discount here

For only $45, you get a nice bang for your buck, offering you a unique and affordable professional quality logo design.