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How to run a Best-Selling Dropshipping using Shopify?


Many people are unaware of the benefits of online selling therefore they don’t even consider to sell their products online because of thinking about huge expenses and hassles.

If you are running a business and do not want to invest tons of money in promoting it in online market, but still wants to attract a huge customer, then you should go for a convenient  option to earn money by drop-shipping and Shopify are a good solution for you.

How to Drop Ship Your Business

Many online websites have inspired peoples to start their own business online. Drop shipping is a good way to run an online business.

It’s very simple starting drop-shipping for selling products on your website by emailing to a supplier after money transferring into your accountby any customer, asking the drop shipper to ship products to your customers on behalf of the orders.  

Here are some easy steps you should follow to earn money online by using drop shipping method;

What product you want to sell

First of all, decide what product you want to sell,whether a product or service which you want to offer online to sell it into an online market. Like, you want to sell cosmetics, smart phones, laptops, apparels or anything else. You have to consider many factors before selling it in an online market.

Who will drop ship for your products?

You can find a supplier or a company who will perform drop ship services for you. You may find online the most reliable company for you according to your budget, but make sure to provide quality services. For example, you can go for Alibaba, Zappos.com, AliExpress.com, and EBay, etc.

Sign Up an Account

You can set a reseller account with the drop shipper or the company who perform drop ship services for you. It may be possible with the business license or a reseller application to open an account. You can start adding products directly with Shopify by just a sign up. Get registered your company and get a Tax ID, however the whole sellers or retailers may not charge you any tax. Some drop-shipping auctions use other electronic means like cheque to convert it into cash, but registering your company is secure. Some companies offer drop-shipping without any registration fee, such as the Big Drop Ship, UK Local wholesalers, and eSources etc.

Where to Advertise Products or services

After the supplier decision now it’s time to sell your product. Advertise your products for online sale in some online markets to attract your customer through online auctions like ebay, amazon, Taobao etc., to access many online buyers. You should know what minimum amount requires for products to sell and set your cost on online auction. But take a start with a lower price so that in case of any loss you can bear up the expenses whether drop-shipping or any other.

Selling the Products

When you are successful in selling products to your customers set a reliable payment method for money transfer instantly, such as pioneer or PayPal etc.

When to Start Placing Orders with Drop Shipper

When your customers responses you by start paying, you should contact the drop shipper to place orders for your customer so that he may ship the order to your customer on time on behalf of your company.

Be Proactive In Customer Relations

You have to be proactive in your customer relations. And keep checking whether something wrongs with the orders. Be responsible towards your customers and follow up with them. Give them an option to direct contact with you to see the queries by yourself.

People avoid drop shipping because of money theft problems so don’t make any mistake and build a trustable relation with customers with a reliable online auction option to generate revenue for your business.

Why to Drop Ship using Shopify

You have many options drop ship your products, but why Shopify? Shopify gives you a platform with most convenient services for drop shipping. Shopify provides you a platform to sell products on your store. Help you to learn how to drop- ship the products and manage your inventory in a quicker, cheaper and convenient way.

  • Drop shipping is very easy here, no extra charges for financial commitment, you can start drop shipping today with the trusted name Shopify.
  • You can simply pay for the products and drop ship to your customer directly at a wholesale price.
  • It gives a platform for new users to manage the inventory and products easily with the drop shipping apps.
  • Shopify provides shipping options for the users and to customize their online store.
  • You can start adding the products directly with Shopify by just sign up and send to your customer.
  • We are online retailers having a large number of customers who are the sellers themselves and using drop shipping.
  • Now you don’t need to worry about the shipping and inventory.
  • We are very fast and drop-ship products on time to your customers access

One click to upload the products into shopify and start earn now.

  • The listening fee is very affordable and a chance to get millions of listening buyers.
  • Have better SEO capabilities so get a chance to rank good your website.
  • Have a high customer’s response rate than other online auctions.
  • Provides you complete customer support services through app like Modalyst and very responsive to your complaints.

You have everything what you want to drop shipping at the one place, right for you.