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Hostgator vs GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

Competitive Hosting Provider in Online Market HostGator vs GoDaddy

Below is an extensive comparison, reviews and conclusion:

There are several things to put into consideration when starting your website or blog, and the first is choosing a host for our site. For any beginner, it is pertinent to pick the best web-hosting company to easily create your website.

Webhosting companies will claim to offer you the best server and unlimited resources, but after signing up with them, it is a different ball game. Due to this reason it is essential to selectively and carefully choose a webhosting company.

These two companies are chosen because I have found them to be reliable and efficient top service providers.


Primarily focuses on domain auctions and domain names, webhosting is offered along with domain registrations.  

They are the “world’s largest domain name registrar” and offers one of the most comprehensive website building tool to its customers.

They manage over 63 million domain names, a very strong customer support system and have more than 14 million customers who are paying. Highlighted below are few features and recommendations by them.

Ideal for all

If you are a business owner, a designer, musician or professional in other fields and you intend to build a website that is creative, look no further because they would be able to help you, they offer an easy website builder that comes with great support which enables customers to gain online presence quickly.

Easy to use

Easy to use, especially for new bloggers or website owners. Their website builder has a true “drag and drop interface”, which enables you to insert contents anywhere on the site. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform builder; in essence whatever you insert into the website editor will appear the same way when you publish your website

Themes Design Options

You have the leisure to choose from over 300 templates on their website, these templates are designed specifically for industry categories such as education, law, business, health, beauty, wedding, entertainment or music, recreation, restaurants, etc.

So there is a very high chance of getting a theme design that suit your needs perfectly as their themes  are pre-populated and well-structured with content; which makes it easy for users to insert or replace the content with their own.

Great Technical Support

They also well known for providing good support to customers or users, you can reach them via live chat or through telephone within few minutes, they also respond to emails promptly. Their support channels are available 24/7, 365 days a year and they don’t offer preferential treatments irrespective of the plan you are using.

SEO  Friendly

Their website builder avails you the ability to optimize all the basic SEO functions. Their SEO services include granting user’s access to their keyword and topic suggestion tools, one click submission of your website to several search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) and “Market Generator” and “Rich Snippet” for structuring your website.

Export Option and Hosting

Once you sign up as a user on their website builder, they make all the hosting services available to you so you don’t have to pay extra. You get to focus on other important things while they handles technical issues like security upgrades and ensuring that your website is in top function. You can also create multiple backup versions or points of your website at any time; this is a unique feature that other website builders don’t offer.

In summary, GoDaddy is pretty easy to use, stylish and enable users with quick building of their website with professional look. Over 300 design templates that customers can choose from across different industries. They also support multiple backup of your website.


They provide wallet friendly prices, and offers plenty of tools to webmasters. This service provider has quality dedicated and virtual private server (VPS), but the shared plan feature is one of the reasons why it is one of the best.

Their shared packages are so robust that PC Magazine named the company their top pick in the category. Recommendation as follows:

Pay back Offer

They offer a 45 day pay-back guarantee to its users. This is a unique offer that puts customers mind at ease and makes them feel like they have little or “nothing to lose”.

Array of Hosting Options

They offers users dedicated, shared and VPS hosting including reselling options and domain registration. One unique feature on hosting is their “shared server hosting”, they are widely known for this and makes them excel and have mastered what it requires to create a great customer experience, and their understanding of his makes them the ideal guide to lead customers.

Cool Features

As one of the giant web service and webhosting company, they offer users one of the best hosting and domain services for webmasters, individuals and business people.

You can choose from more than 75 applications and installation is done with “just few clicks”. They are powered by “cPanel” which provides all the tools necessary for building and maintaining a great website.

WordPress Hosting

If WordPress is used as your content management system and you are in search of a webhosting company, HostGator caters directly to your needs as they offer WordPress hosting. They offer three different levels of WordPress plans and all plans include automated backup, unlimited email and storage.

Easy to use

They excel in this area; customers are availed with free website building tools including Weebly Site Builder. There are numerous scripts available for installation with just a single click.

Who Can Use

They are ideal for everyone and offer a wide range of plans and hosting types that “suits any budget”. Are you an artist, a musician, do you run a business or little hobby site? Then you should become their customer.

Great Customer Service

The provide good support to customers and users, you can reach them through live chat, twitter, through telephone within few minutes and email. Their support channels are “available any time any day”.

In summary HostGator, is a webhost that offers users and customers a wide range of services and features. They have numerous exciting plans and packages with flexibility for every budget.


So whom to choose from?

The answer is both is reliable and both also have great customer service and best hosting service and domain provider.

I strongly recommend to give a try both and check by yourself how wonderful their service is.This hosting is very suitable for “beginner to expert level blogger and website creator”, SME, Online Entrepreneur.

Good Luck