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Email Marketing Methods to Grow Leads


How Email Optin can help in Conversion

This strategy involves directly marketing or advertising a “commercial message” to a group of people through email. In a broad sense, every email sent to a current or potential customer is considered as email marketing.

It mostly involves using emails to send business requests, ads, PLR article with certain topic such as newsletter or to solicit for donations or patronage.

This approach can be carried out through various types of emails which include mobile email, transactional emails and direct mails.

Getting the correct “approach” will convert leads to your business and create higher conversion and sales.

How this Miracle Method can Grow your Leads

Even with all of the new tactics and marketing technologies available to us, email marketing will remain the most cost effective among them.

It is an amazingly effective approach to reach new clients, increase the conversion rates, “popularizing brand” and generating more leads.

Recent statistics and studies reveal that investing in in this strategy could yield 45% more leads.

Importance of Email Marketing in Leads Generation

The primary mission of every business revolves around generating leads. There are many ways that can help a business to achieve its “Lead Generation Objectives”.

Some are expensive, some are more powerful and successful than others. However, email marketing remains popular and the most recommended strategy among marketers.

It is an old technique that has been used by millions of small businesses or startups in expanding their visibility.


It’s an easy way to increase your ROI and get more business.

When it comes to lead generation, nobody can overlook the importance of this strategy. Whether you need to increase your sales or want to drive traffic to your website all you need is the “correct use” of marketing tools and programs.

An effective use of this strategy can be beneficial for your company and also helpful in saving your time and money.

Best Email Marketing Tools


AWeber is the pioneer of email marketing service for websites and Internet marketers.  AWeber is one of the most recommended and easy to use platform which begins at $19 per month. With beautiful templates, automated campaigns and reports to understand.

AWeber makes it “easy and effective” for you.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Select a membership plan and start customizing your email campaign.
  • AWeber also offers a 30 day “free trial period”.
  • Facilitating customized, timely and targeted emails to your customer is a major piece of marketing achievement.
  • AWeber’s incredible autoresponder tool empowers you to automate this procedure, guaranteeing your customers get the information they need right when you need them to.

AWeber deserves a look, if you want email marketing without third party integration.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

If you are new to the world of this strategy, AWeber offers many video tutorials which help you to understand the process more wisely. Phone and chat support options are also available during the business hours.


GetResponse is a popular email marketing service that helps “new” or “seasoned websites” in attracting customers and generating leads.

It tracks the purchase behavior of your customers and offers suggestions on the best time to send news letter or email to your reader.

It is easy to use and allow you to compose “effective content” and HTML messages.

  • Upon sign up, GetResponse facilitates you with incredible features for your email campaigns.
  • It is relatively cheaper than AWeber or other equivalent programs.
  • It allows you to access over 1000 stock images to add interest to your “newsletter” or “emails”.

It is one of the best and recommended marketing tool for new marketers due to its unique approach.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a professional and affordable service to get your email campaign to customers. It is the best service for “small business owners” due to its economical price plans.

Just sign up and use a template to compose and create your own branded newsletters.

  • Constant Contact offers “easy tools” for you to generate leads and also to stay in contact with your customers.
  • Plans of Constant Contact begin from just $15 every month.
  • More than 100 built-in HTML templates to choose from.
  • Easy to import contacts from outlook or Gmail
  • “Free trial” available.
  • Availability of mobile app.
  • Google analytics integration.
  • You can schedule newsletters and emails to send to your customers upon sign up and get more conversion.

It also features “social media statistics” to know how your marketing techniques are going on Twitter, Facebook and on other social media platforms.


MailChimp is a widely used and most famous email marketing service. It is a “professional service” for marketers which has some incredible features.

It is easy to use, which means you don’t have to spend hours watching tutorials how this thing works. Everything from core features to HTML templates is right there.

  • Easy template building and built-in editors for easy automation campaign.
  • In “depth knowledge” base.
  • Twitter integration, basic report
  • Basic segmentation.
  • Low cost plans – “forever free plan” for small business or nonprofit owners.

Great helping materials, including tutorials or chat support available upon sign up.This is very amazing service provider.


Optin Monster is a full-fledged service which enables you to create and send emails to your subscribers. It offers a user friendly interface and a lot of attractive HTML templates.

Other features of the OptinMonster include the following.

  • Offers multiple “form templates”.
  • Footer bar, light box and slide in forms.
  • Customized HTML and CSS forms to add.
  • Conversion and impression stats.
  • Ability to integrate with all major email marketing services.
  • Ability to insert form using short codes.


The best recommended platform for new or seasoned business owners to boost lead generation.


Campaigner is another popular and recommended email marketing service due to its variety of features, “exceptional customer service” and affordable price plans.

Email Marketing for Small Business

It is well designed, user friendly and has a lot of attractive templates. It also offers a “free trial period”.

Campaigner helps you grow your business. Try it FREE for 30 Days.

  • Image hosting.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Autoresponder.
  • List management and segmentation.
  • 0ver “800 built in” templates.
  • API integration.
  • No credit card required for free trial.
  • Its price range starts from 19.95 per month.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Cost Effective

To send and dispatch is relatively cheap when compared to other means of advertising. It saves money.Reaches the Target

You know everyone you are sending the message to and can be sure that the message reached the targeted audience.

Easy to Track

Due to the fact that the recipients are targeted, your email can be monitored and tracked easily.

Easy to Share

Recipients can easily share the email to other contacts. All they have to do is forward and send to their friends and associates.

Tips on Generating More Leads through Email Marketing

Keep message Precise and Direct

Do not make your “text lengthy” and “wordy”. Messages are often received by readers at their workplaces or when they are occupied with other things. Putting this into consideration, make the message short and precise.

Keep the Main Message Bold

When you are trying to send an email advert for your business, make sure the “main message is seen” before the reader even starts reading the whole text. This can only be achieved by keeping the message bold to make sure it generates leads.

Include your Logo on the Upper Left Side of Email

Attaching a copy of your company logo to the email will portray you as a professional and ensure customers have more trust in your business. It is advisable that this logo is attached at the upper left side of the email.

Write Appealing and Persuading Subject Line

The first thing the reader is going to see is the subject line, and if he does not find it captivating he would not bother reading the content of the message. This is why the most important tip of all is to make the subject line as “catchy” as possible. This ensures the reader is interested in reading the message.

Tie Emails to Landing Pages

In terms of contents, subject and headlines, your email should always match your “landing page”. This is also useful in tracking the performance of the email.

Run a Test

When you have composed your advertising line and messages, and they are ready to be dispatched to target customers, you should conduct a test by “first sending to family and friends”. Make sure they are unaware before you send, then try and know their feedbacks and what they think of the message.

Offer Incentives

Another way to sell your business quickly is by offering incentives to customers. In the message line, you should include the “different packages” you are offering to attract new and old customers. Examples of such packages are: discount, free delivery, free shipping, warranty and a lot more. This has been known to be very effective over the years.

Set up triggered emails

These are emails that are automatically activated when specific “actions” are taken.

Email should be 500-650 Pixels wide

For every Email you are sending, make sure the width is “no longer than 650 Pixel”. This is important because most of the time people prefer to read messages and “emails vertically”, no one enjoys scrolling horizontally to read a message. Such messages might be left unread and the purpose will be lost.

Add images

Including images in the email will give customers a real experience of what you are into. A few pictures of your “products” will sure do the trick.

Be unique

Try and make your message format, design, and subject line very unique. Make everything different from what they are used to receiving daily.

Segment emails

Segmentation makes emails important and relevant. These emails get more “clicks” and will not be spammed.

Ensure your Emails can be shared

This will make recipients of your mail share to other people. It saves money for you and promotes you more.