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Check Spelling and Grammar Tools


Comparison and Insight Grammarly and Ginger


With a logo of Write Everywhere, Grammarly is indeed a platform that helps its users write anything and everything with precise grammar and spelling check-ups. Anyone can use this tool like student, a blogger or a professional writer.

The good thing is it’s completely free unlike a lot of software platforms on the internet and very easy to install onto your computer on a browser like Safari, and it works like magic!

According to the website, it detects more spelling and grammar mistakes than Microsoft Word does, ensuring a thorough inspecting your writing.

Apart from proofreading, this tool also offers a plagiarism detection service, which is very handy as it has two functions on the same site.

What makes this tool even better, is user feedback when the platform software suggests a certain correction, users can vote so that the software works upon itself and makes it even better.

If you use Firefox or Google Chrome you can get extensions so that this tool can check and fix what you write as you go.

Apart from being useful and a handy software to have installed for many purposes, it has very positive reviews and ratings, so why not give it a go?


Ginger is a tool for proofreading service and a grammar-inspecting platform for computer and mobile devices. The basic version is provided for free.

Ginger is incredibly easy to use and you can use it on almost any platform, and it is extremely supportive and helpful for your writing.

Ginger is an absolute gem, the more you use it when working, the quicker it gets on correcting and proofreading your work. Example the more experience it has, the quicker it works for you.

Ginger also allows you to express yourself in better ways as it uses sentence-rephrasing software to correct your text for the better.

Ginger also works on different languages, so if you are a translator, this platform software is especially helpful.

For those who are learning English or for those who wish to improve your knowledge of the language, the program also acts as a personal trainer that helps you improve your English skills and grammar.

Ginger has an appealing interface which you can choose between many different colored themes, that make the software look very nice and pretty.