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Tips on Link Shortening and Cloaking

link-cloaking tips

Advantages on using Link Shortener

If you have just signed up with your first affiliate network the first thing that you probably notice is long, unimpressive and “ugly” URL.

However a URL shortener or Link shortener is an online service that converts long URLS into a short or condensed format.

Many people involved in the field of affiliate marketing do not understand the importance of link cloaking or URL shortening.

Due to this, they are losing their market share, customers, and additional sales.

To explain the importance here are some good reasons on why URL shortening makes sense in your marketing endeavors.

URL Links more Manageable

Web URLs’ are often long, complicated and messy. These links not only confuse netizens, but they are also too long for SEO.  The fact is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about targeting keywords and ranking your URL higher in Google.

Moreover, long URLs’ is not easy to share on social media services like Twitter or Facebook. URL shortener’s help to manage all these issues by allowing users to add keywords to describe the link.

Promote Sharing

Link shortener can simply fit more links and content in less space. Let’s take the example of Twitter. We all know it is one of the best, trending and widely used social network across the world.

On Twitter, a tweet is limited to 140 characters long. So sharing a long or full URL can be difficult or probably impossible without Link shortening.

Aesthetic Appeal

Short and concise text always appeal the readers as compared to long one. This is so because online readers have a very short attention span, as you have just few seconds to grab their attention by going straight to the point.

A shortened URL will make keep it simple, easy and concise. It will not require your fans or followers to keep guessing what the URL is about.

Some of the Best Link Shortener or Cloaking services

Fortunately, we have a number of great tools at our disposal that provide URL shortening services.

We recommend the following tools to be used for your affiliate marketing.

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Linktrackr is simply a web service that enables you to cloak, create, track and split your all links in one place.

It is one of the most reliable marketing tool for skilled affiliates or marketers.

It comes with several features and commendable abilities. It can hide affiliate link to avoid banner ads, commission loss, track conversions and also perform split testing to get maximum returns from the marketing efforts.

To analyze the performance, the tool precisely tracks various advertising campaigns. This tracking helps to improvise the untapped power of lucrative platforms and social media for generating huge traffic.

In simple words – this application has all the possible features that can benefit you or help you to standout in your niche.

  • User-friendly, neat and well organized interface. Makes it easy to use for everyone.
  • No installation required – as this is a web based tool
  • Cloaking with custom domain URL allows you to specify your own custom URL for cloaking.
  • It is also beneficial as it enables marketers to track all the traffic easily by incorporating a piece  of code on your site.
  • It offers great customer support, free upgrades and good scope of customization.
  • Highly recommended for all marketers, bloggers or affiliates.
Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Link Pro is the simplest and easiest link cloaking tool and link tracking plugin for WordPress. It is highly customizable, feature rich, due to the options for automatic link replacement and a cloaking bar.

It’s very easy to use, just purchase it and then download it to your WordPress site. Once it gets activated, you can create an affiliate link in less than a minute.

  • It enables you to create custom groups to easily replace and find links later
  • The plugin easily tracks clicks and hits on your affiliate links.
  • It allows you to create custom folders.
  • Automatic keyword replacement feature allows you to tap the power of SEO
  • You can double redirect to remove referrer info or else you can simply nofollow
  • It is very easy, very simple, super-fast and highly recommended.

If you are an affiliate marketer looking to make money then trust me, thirstyaffiliates is the best option to get started.

It is the best link shortened management plugin for WordPress that helps you to increase your sales.  It has both premium and free versions.

From Wordpress.org, you can download the free version. The premium version provides you with several add-on and additional options while the free version enables you to use limited features like link cloaking, link shortening or other basic options.

  • One of the best and leading affiliate link management plugin trusted by millions of bloggers or marketers.
  • Very easy to use and super-fast and one of the best link shortener
  • It can easily embed the cloak links in your posts
  • Its free version enables you to enjoy the best features
  • It allows you to upscale your options by purchasing the add-on
  • Its extensions and ease of use make it a great plugin that should be considered in adding to your blog.

Shortywp is an all in one affiliate link management, hide affiliate link, can show conversion tracking, redirect and “intelligent reporting system” recommended for bloggers or affiliate marketers who want to take charge of their own data.

With this tool, you can track affiliate commissions on all major affiliate networks, easily hide affiliate links, track your Facebook or PPC ad costs and profitability. 

  • Track Adwords and other traffic course under one dashboard.
  • It is able to inform you on where your own product sales come from.
  • Cloak, shorten and redirect your affiliate links.
  • Automatically convert keywords on any page, comment or post into a driving sales, tracked affiliate link.
  • Auto geographical redirects.
  • It is very affordable as compared to other plugins of this category.